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I was thrilled to watch 2017 come to a close, it was a rough year to say the least and I was very ready to start fresh.  In the beginning of a new year, one can’t help but reflect about the past year and dream about what you hope the coming year will bring.  In these first few weeks of the year I’ve thought a lot about what I want out of 2018.  A good way to sum up my goals for the year is to live with intention.  Sometimes you start to float through life without thinking too much about it.  In the last year there were many moments of pain, loss, and tears and I let the sorrow take too much of a hold on my life.  This year I’ve decided to take back control of my own happiness and not let external sources get in my way.

Self Care

One of the ways I plan to incorporate living more intentionally is to take more time for self care.  Sure I make time for face masks and jade rolling, but that is only a small part of caring for yourself.  Self care is about taking the time you need to nourish your mind and your body; it’s about sleeping in if you need to and ignoring your to do list once in a while.  One thing I really struggle with is feeling the need to be productive all the time; I tend to create monster to do lists and then get upset with myself when I don’t get the items on my to do list all done.  So for me self care will mean reading more books and taking time for hobbies that I’ve abandoned over the years.  2018 will be about the hygge life! 


This year I also want take more time for adventures – both big and small.  I am constantly dreaming about all these things I want to do and places I want to go and this year I want to start making those things happen.  Dreaming is always a wonderful thing but it’s even better to turn those dreams into action.  


This will be the year that I make happiness a priority and go after what I want out of life while also making sure to take time for self care and adventure.  I think it is certainly a good goal for anyone to aim to live life with intention.  Our lives are what we make out of them.

Thanks for reading!  – A





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