My Holiday Wish List

Next up I’m sharing gift ideas from my own wish list.  In my opinion, this list has got some of it all: to get you hygee ready,  healthy & hydrated, radiant and relaxed and perfume so you can do it all with a sexy and safe scent.




Ceramic Nebulizing Diffuser; Organic Aromas – This beauty is a new addition to Organic Aromas, the white ceramic is absolutely beautiful and would go with any decor.  One of my favorite blogs The Organic Bunny has a coupon code for 20% off.

Knit Hat; Petit Vour – Cute and cozy!  The perfect addition to your cold weather wardrobe.

Kale & Caramel by Lily Diamond – I love how this book focuses on recipes that use herbs; I always end up buying herbs for one recipe and the rest go bad before I get to use them.  In addition to food, Lily incorporates drink recipes and some skincare.

Alkalising Greens; The Super Elixir – Stay healthy and glowy during the holiday season with this greens supplement.  The powder supports healthy nutrition at a cellular level and is a perfect gift for your health conscious friends!  There are various sizes so you can pick one to fit your price range.

Sunday Essentials Set; BKR – I keep sending this one to my sister as a hint!  This color is absolutely beautiful and keeping a large water bottle like this around is sure to encourage me to drink plenty of water.  I also love that it comes with an extra glass bottle so you can switch them out to wash them.  I have the small and medium size BKR bottles and love them!

My Wild Perfume;  My Daughter’s Fragrances – I received this perfume as a sample from Petit Vour’s montly box and I love it; it’s the perfect subtle scent for a night out or a holiday party.

How To Draw Modern Florals; Alli Koch – This book is perfect for a cozy night in.  Drawing is a great way to relax and learning a new skill is always a plus.  (Always use Amazon Smile so your purchase makes a difference!)

Dry Brushing Kit; Birchrose + Co – Dry brushing promotes circulation and cell regeneration and this oil aids the process with essential oils.  Using the oil and brush combo regularly will help one achieve smooth and healthy skin.


Hope you got some great ideas! – A


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