What’s on my mind for August

August 17 Mood Board

Photo Credit: Images from Pinterest; Bottom right from Reformation

August is one of my favorite months, the temperatures are hot and the sunsets are beautiful, but also I love how the heat makes me want to live more simply.  This month I’m craving gorgeous maxi dresses and loose pieces in simple prints.  I’m also loving that natural accessories like straw bags are so popular right now.  I love incorporating natural elements into my outfits; this bag is so cute and has a faux leather strap which isn’t always easy to find.

This month has me also wanting to pair down my typically bold accessories for more delicate pieces like this Mejuri stacker ring and these little earrings.  Delicate earrings are a perfect, simple touch to a summer updo.  I’m personally hoping to up my hair game this month and rock some pretty braided updos like the one shown above.

I know indoor plants are popular all year round, but something about the idea of coming up on the end of summer is making me want to add to my plant collection.  I just repotted several of my succulent plants and am really thinking about picking up some more.  One thing I’ve been picking up a lot of lately is peaches!  Peach season is one my favorites and it’s always so short, I definitely try to take advantage of it while I can and the ones at the farm stand near me are amazing.  I’m really hoping to whip up a peach dish or two soon.  Doesn’t the one in the photo look so delicious?

Thanks for checking out what’s on my mind this month.

xoxo, A


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