Simple Ways to Create Less Waste

Earth month may be over, but it is important to continue Earth friendly habits all year long.  Most of us are already using our reusable shopping bag and drinking from our glass water bottles, but there are many simple changes we can make in our everyday lives to decrease the amount of waste we are creating for our planet while living healthier lives.


1. Decline the plastic ware – Whenever ordering to go you almost always get a set or two of plastic utensils for convenience.  In most cases we are taking that food right home where we have plenty of utensils already so those plastic utensils either get thrown right into the trash or put in a kitchen drawer for all of eternity.  Either way it’s wasteful.  When placing your order or upon pick up request that no utensils be placed in your order.  In the case that you are not going back home and won’t be somewhere with utensils, there are many sets of reusable travel utensils that you can take with you.  Give these bamboo ones a try for extra sustainability points.

2. Use reusable produce bags – Bringing a reusable tote for your groceries is pretty mainstream at this point and it reduces the need for many plastic bags, but if you’re shopping for fresh produce there’s a good chance you’re not going plastic bag free.  I’ve been using these Mesh produce bags when I shop to eliminate plastic bags from my grocery shopping completely.

3. Give old bottles and jars new life – I love holding on to my skincare jars and spray bottles when they are empty because typically the packaging is so cute, but also because it is so easy to give them a quick wash and re-purpose them.  I love mixing essential oils to create room sprays and aromatherapy mixes so I always keep the empty bottles from my face toner and face mask jars are great for keeping homemade lip scrubs in.  You can also clean out old candle jars and use them for q-tips and other miscellaneous items.  Using things you already own adds some charm and also keeps you from having to purchase something new.


4. Grow your own herbs – I’m currently working to grow my own herb garden.  It’s taking some time but I can’t wait to have fresh herbs when ever I want.  By growing them yourself not only are they available at a moment’s notice and much more cost effective, but you are also eliminating the need to purchase them in that plastic packaging that so many of them come in.  Also, if you’re like me and don’t cook as much as you’d like to, the leftover herbs you purchase for a recipe have a tendency to go bad before you have a chance to finish them (guilty for sure).  Right now I have basil and mint and I recently bought some thyme seeds so we shall see how that one goes!

What are some ways you reduce your impact on the planet?


xoxo, A




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