Why go Cruelty Free

In honor of this week being Animal Cruelty Awareness Week, I’m sharing why it is important to go cruelty free.  There are many different ways in which animal cruelty is witnessed, each shows the lack of compassion humans can have towards animals.  It is absolutely horrifying to see or hear how so many animals are treated and just how many spend their short or long lives suffering and without hope.  I encourage everyone to look for ways they can help those who are unable to speak up whether that be donating to a shelter, fostering/adopting a homeless pet, finding alternatives to leather, or going vegetarian.

One of the easiest ways to go cruelty free is by switching out your beauty routine to cruelty free products.  In the cosmetics industry it is hard to believe that so many products/ ingredients are still tested on animals.  This testing is outdated and absolutely unnecessary; it involves putting chemicals into the eyes or rubbed onto the shaved skin of so many innocent animals.  When a product’s packaging alerts you that swallowing it may cause harm, researchers know this because they repeatedly made the lab animals swallow the product until side affects arose.  I don’t know about anyone else, but if there is even a chance that a product could be harmful I wouldn’t want it near my skin anyway.

By supporting companies that are cruelty free we are showing our support for the animals who are bred for a life of discomfort and cruelty.  There are so many companies who chose not to test on animals for there are so many other, safer testing methods that actually have been proven to be more accurate.  Gradually some larger companies have switched over to cruelty free but there are so many large corporations that allow animal testing on their products.  I urge you to switch over to conscious companies who care not only about their consumers but also about the critters.  Step by step we can create a better life for animals.

Some of my favorite cruelty free beauty companies:


Happy Friday!

xoxo, A



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