Glowing & Green: Probiotics

One of my steps in getting glowing skin for the new year has been adding probiotics to my daily routine.  Probiotics are often taken as a digestion aid or for an immunity assist, but they are great for improving one’s overall wellness.  They are a way to aid your skin’s health from the inside as probiotics are helpful in improving the health and appearance of one’s skin by adding healthy bacteria to your body.  Healthy or “friendly” bacteria consume “bad” bacteria, of which cause inflammation and can lead to problematic skin.  Basically, these healthy bacteria strains aid in detoxifying the body through improving one’s gut health.

Of course, it isn’t enough to add probiotics if you’re going to counteract it with a bunch of unhealthy foods, so it helps to cut out (or significantly decrease) your sugar and dairy intake as well for best results.


For the past month I’ve been taking Hum Nutrition’s Gut Instinct, a probiotic pill for for healthy skin, which you only need to take once a day without food.  I make sure to take mine every morning as soon as I wake up, with a glass of water.  These vegan capsules are so easy to add to your morning routine, as they are much smaller than the ones I remember taking as a kid.  I’ve also cut out the majority of sugars and dairy from my diet and have added more fruit and veggies.  My skin has definitely improved from where it was a month ago amid all the holiday craziness.  I’m not sure I can credit one particular thing or another but the overall improvements to my diet seem to be having a positive effect so it’s definitely something I plan on keeping up with, as who doesn’t want glowing skin year round.

I’ve recently been seeing skincare brands that advertise using probiotics in their products as well, for a topical boost of probiotics; I’m not sure exactly how that works yet, but I may have to find out and give it a try.

If you’re looking for a great wellness brand that has a lot of vegetarian/vegan options, Hum Nutrition is definitely a great place to look.  I’ve been taking a few of their supplements for months now and they are such an easy way to boost your health.  I’m a big fan of their Wing Man pills, which detox your liver and improve dark circles and their vegan B12 pills.  It isn’t always easy to find vegetarian/vegan pills and Hum had exactly what I was looking for, they even have a subscription option that can save you money each month.

Try out Hum Nutrition with Referral Code: 10BE38

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, A


** This post is not sponsored**


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