Have your pie, but give back too

Just shortly after the day where we are to give thanks and appreciate all that we have in life and focus on the people in our lives, is a day of giving – and rightfully so; it is our chance to give to those less fortunate than ourselves and those who need a little extra help.  It is so easy to get wrapped up in the excitement and anticipation of the holidays and forget that there is so much else going on in the world.  I know that I, in my personal opinion, just killed Black Friday and cyber Monday shopping.  Now is the chance to give a little something to help others.  While we should be thinking of giving back each and everyday, sometimes we need a reminder to not get so caught up in our own lives and do something good for others.

Today is a great day to donate to your favorite organizations as many are having their donations matched by other supporters, so your donation can go twice as far!  So many shopping sites are also donating portions of their proceeds to various organizations so it would be a great chance to do some [more] holiday shopping and give some gifts that give back.  For instance Franklin & Whitman is donating 25% of their sales from today to Philly PAWS with code GIVINGTUESDAY.  They donate a percentage of their sales each and every day to help dogs in need, but today is a great day to make a larger impact while gifting (or purchasing for yourself) some great natural products.  A favorite company of mine that is constantly helping others through their products is The Little Market, which helps artisans all over the world make and sell their products to support their families.  One company that I am particularly excited to try out is Rhino Horn Coffee, which aims to support the conservation of rhinos by donating their proceeds to the rangers who protect them.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I am a big fan of a company with a cause.

Anyway, hope everyone is able to give a little back today because every bit helps!


xoxo, A


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